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Inline Wheels

Here you can find inline wheels for just about every situations. We have speed wheels,hockey wheels, indoor, outdoor, soft wheels, medium wheels and hard wheels.

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Inline Rental Wheel Inline Rental Wheel

Replacement wheels for the Roller Derby Excel rental skates.
For sizes 13j-4 use a 64mm and 5-12 use a 72mm wheel.

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Piper G14 Race Wheels Piper G14 Race Wheels

Pure Race All Fun!

The new G14 Race represents all the essensce of Piper, using our most famous formula for the first time on two component wheels. We view G14 Race as part of our premium race line but priced for skaters of all ages and all levels

G14 is exactly what you expect from Piper Racing, high-performance, quality, and affordability. Renenver, Chad Hedrick, Joey Mantia and all world champions and world recods were won on two compnent wheels. Piper two component wheels have gotten even faster since then. Don't be fooled by the new era of 3 component wheels. Not everyone bnefits from branded technology. There are several things to consider before spending $190-$250 for a set of wheels. Piper wishes all skaters to enjoy the experience and advantages of high-performance wheels priced affordably

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Piper Whiplash 3 part Speed Wheel Piper Whiplash 3 part Speed Wheel

This is a 3-component wheel. It has a Piper's Divergent core that offers flex-return which gives the skater enhanced steerability and increased ease of skating. It has a large inner band which is essential in offering high speeds (100mm & 110mm). The band is covered by a thin outer layer of urethane providing an increased compression for load and explode energy.

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