In 1945 E.W. Ramsey built a skating rink, no different than your own, called the Skate-A-Drome in Roanoke Virginia. It quickly became a staple in community. People of all ages came and went. E.W. carried more inventory than most rinks, so others began buying skates and supplies from the Skate-A-Drome. The word spread quickly to rinks across the state and eventually the entire Southeast. With the growing business E.W. turned the Skate-A-Drome into a warehouse full of supplies. This is when the Skate-A-Drome became Southeastern Skate Supply.

E.W. Ramsey had two sons, Wayne Ramsey and Glenn Sr. Ramsey. The two sons worked alongside their father. Wayne and Glenn Sr. traveled around the country setting up temporary skating rinks. This was no easy task, but it did encourage people in the towns they visited to start up their own brick and mortar roller skating rinks. Wayne and Glenn Sr. delivered most of the orders that were placed by customers.

In 1974 a group of thieves broke into our warehouse hoping to steal a pair of skates. They used newspaper as a torch instead of stealing a pair of skates they dropped their torches and caught the entire building on fire. In the picture to your right you can see both Wayne’s Children Crystal Katrek (middle), and David Ramsey (right), which we will talk about later, watching the fire department quench what is left of our building. It was not all bad though. Many of our loyal customers helped us rebuild and restock our warehouse. We will always be grateful for your generosity.

Soon after the fire Wayne moved to Atlanta Georgia to expand Southeastern Skate Supply. Moving to Atlanta allowed us to continue to fulfill our promise of personal service. Southeastern Skate Supply is a family business and we wanted to make you a part of that family.

Both Wayne and Glenn Sr. have children that are still active in the company. Wayne’s son David Ramsey now runs Southeastern Skate Supply of Georgia, and Crystal Katrek takes care of all our finances. Glenn Sr.’s son Glenn Jr. now runs Southeastern Skate Supply of Virginia.